Investing in Spain

You can forget the horror stories attached to investing in Spanish Property that we have all heard and read about over the past 20 years. During the last few years Spain has totally transformed itself, to a degree that can sometimes put UK standards into the shade. An enormous amount of cash is flowing into the basic infrastructure – roads, hospitals, shops, restaurants and so on – whilst the entire legal basis of buying property in Spain has been revised. Nowadays, for example, it is illegal for a developer to take client monies unless there is either a bank guarantee or independentProperty Design insurance policy in place, guaranteeing the safety of such money. Building standards in Spain are mainly superb nowadays, and investment in this market represents excellent value, although, as in any market, you still need to have a sound local knowledge and understanding.

The most profitable way to invest in Spain is undoubtedly that of buying ‘off-plan’, in a new development. It’s an area that few people know about, or understand properly, and in which fewer still have the confidence or expertise to take part. See Buying 'Off Plan'

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