Asylum Seeker Housing

The procurement of housing for asylum seeker occupation takes several stages:

1) WMPM inspects property offered to the scheme, making recommendations as to what refurbishment works may be necessary in order to let to this client group.

2) The property is then re-inspected and, if now suitable, is referred on to the Home Office for Approval.

3) WMPM then negotiates the signing of the lease with the asylum provider company currently offering the best terms.

4) During the term of the lease WMPM continues to act as managing agent on behalf of the landlord, carrying out regular inspections, and representing the landlord’s interests in any dealing with the tenant company.

5) At the conclusion of the tenancy WMPM re-inspects the property, and negotiates with the tenant company regarding any dilapidations that require their attention.

Latest Developments

As the current asylum seeker provider contracts come to an end, some being renewed and some not, WMPM is able to advise as to the best strategy for each individual landlord to adopt.

For example, the company is currently negotiating with a further provider company to replace concluded tenancies with further, refugee, contracts of an essentially similar nature.

Alternatively, many landlords are taking advantage of the currently buoyant state of the UK housing market to cash in on the very considerable gains in value that they have realised over the last few years, in many cases entrusting WMPM to manage the capital released on their behalf.
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